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Equestrian Hub Marketing efforts are designed specifically for the equestrian industry, an industry within which we have enjoyed great success.  Our goal is to assist businesses to develop their brand, gain exposure to qualified prospects and to capitalise from their marketing efforts. Effective marketing is time consuming and can be a major expense for all businesses, with some assistance, promoting your business can be very rewarding.

The team are EH Marketing work across all aspects of the Equestrian Industry, from trainers to saddlery's, from breeders to retailers.  

You know you have a great product and you know it will solve problems facing equestrians, so why aren’t more people jumping on your website and buying it? 

The trouble is, the virtual world is very noisy and being seen requires quite a lot of planning and effort, something that takes time that you do not have available. There are a few basic things you are able to do that can ensure your marketing dollar is being well spent and will assist you to be seen by equestrians right across the country. 

Equestrian Business Branding

The look, feel and tone of your business, product or service is achieved with branding. 

branding In general, “branding your business” means creating an image, design, or logo that identifies your goods and separates them from those of the competition. When you talk about branding for your equestrian business, the meaning gets more specific. The large number of equestrian businesses trying to be seen makes branding an essential marketing strategy. Regardless of your business size, how you operate, or the types of products you sell, you need to focus on quality branding for several reasons. Branding your equestrian business is worth the effort!

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Equestrian Digital Marketing

covers of EMP and HVIn simple terms, digital marketing is the promotion of your equestrian goods and services using digital platforms to reach your audience.  Digital marketing is an extremely broad category and can be a minefield, wasting both time and money if poorly executed.  

Digital marketing has the benefit of containing live links that are an immediate “Call to Action” for your leads. Leads are a valuable asset in todays world and it is important that you get your prospects off social media an in to your databases, allowing you to market to them and develop ongoing relationships.  The target market can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way and brand loyalty can be increased, resulting in greater online sales. Digital marketing also has the ability to promote your brand across many mediums quickly and efficiently, increasing your reach.

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Equestrian Print Marketing

Print is a powerful marketing channel and shouldn’t be ignored in the marketing mix. While social media is still an incredibly powerful marketing PRINT MEDIAchannel, catalogues and magazines can reach those who have chosen to “unplug”. Printed material is charmingly different. The tactile, engaging properties and its ability to hang around for a while (coffee table, floats, back seat of the car, kitchen bench, loo), make it a very worthwhile marketing channel. Magazines and catalogues create instant engagement, and if the content and design are right, instant action.

Marketing your equestrian business requires strategic planning and tactics designed to prompt recognition. The key is to be largely seen and known for what you do. So, how do you set yourself apart from all the rest?

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Equestrian Website

You have a very small amount of time to capture your visitor, they are easily frustrated and tend to have short attention spans. It costs money to get traffic on to your site ensure you.  You want your website to look appealing, be easy to navigate around, be fast and reliable. 

In today’s day and age, having a great website is not a just good-to-have but a must-have. Your website is often a client’s first impression of your business. So if you want it to portray your business in a positive and professional light, then it is vital to have an interesting website with really crisp and catchy messaging. There are a few elements that when put together make up for a well-intended, captivating website. Some of them are - an appealing layout, great copywriting, user-friendliness for easy viewing and searching, success stories and blog, client testimonials and your contact details. Of course, all of these elements have to be aligned and matching with one single philosophy or message that you want your business to be known and remembered for.

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